Bubblegum Paradise
Bold choreography and energetic expressions in Nicoletti's films.

For this year’s festival, Stockholm-based choreographer Amelis Riquelme Nicoletti was commissioned to create three dance films together with filmmaker Herman Nygren.

Bubblegum Paradise is a surreal, pastel-colored world of dance performances, bold statements and unique embodiment. The films feature amongst other styles Krump and Afro Dance styles that will undoubtedly bring a smile on your face and energy to your screen!

Amelis is a versatile dancer and choreographer who started her journey in Italy 2009 and then moved back to Sweden 2013 to continue her studies and to further explore her love for dancing. She’s been working with everything from theater productions, live performances to TV productions and more. Amelis has also traveled a lot abroad to study different dance styles and has also worked internationally.

With: Miriam Aigbogun, Diana Iedan and Timothy Waliggo Kakeeto.

Amelis Riquelme Nicoletti’s film trilogy will be accessible via a QR-code during the festival at three locations: in Fittja by Botkyrka konsthall, by MDT on Skeppsholm
en (Norra Brobänken/water side). On Sergels torg, the film it is playing next to the stairs to Plattan, under the speaker’s corner (you have to wait a little bit to watch the film).



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Bubblegum Paradise

4-14 May

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