[…it is contained in…]

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water” Loren Eiseley.
Ticket required
An intimate solo performance in which we encounter five voices through metaphoric dating scenarios.
Dansens Hus, Lilla Scen
Indoors         Ticket required
Is longing always sad or can there be something wonderful about it? A dance piece with jazzy music from age 4.
For kids         Ticket required
A humorous and incisive portrait of the body at work in the capitalist environment of fast food restaurants.
Join a forest adventure! We will meet the deer, the raven, the ant and all the others in a forest glade.
Weld c/o Kaknästornet
For kids         Outdoors         Ticket required
A dance work about addiction in an urban environment, where the audience can be surprisingly close or watch from a distance.
Free         Outdoors
An Afrofuturistic story of the slave who became a samurai.
Etnografiska Museet
Free         Museum
A performance inspired by anime sci-fi and by the state of mind of a person standing at the edge of a cliff.
Dansens Hus, Elverket
Indoors         Ticket required
A choreographed audio walk inspired by the feminist classic ‘A Room of Ones Own’ by Virginia Woolf.
Outdoors         Ticket required
WOODS is a desire to create roots in the city and to turn our bodies upside down.
Free         Museum
Kärrkosmos is an interactive show for all children ages 7-100.
Bagarmossens Folkets Hus c/o Dansistan & Cirkusistan
For kids         Outdoors