my own room
For the opening of STHLM DANS, Sepideh Khodarahmi presents a queer exploration of the self and the museum space. Followed by the Festival Opening Party!

to find oneself, to visit, to stay, to frequent; to take place, to occur; to be, to occur; to exist, to exist, to live

i’m not here right now, i’m elsewhere
the sun caresses my damp skin

something wet
something warm
something gooey
something familiar

my mouth shapes the world
my tongue caresses the objects i meet; building monuments
heat builds up
my gaze travels through the space, leaving a trace of fine golden shimmer
making it my own room 

The piece premiered at Revolve Elsewhere 2023 at Uppsala konstmuseum. The solo focuses on the warm-up, not as an appetizer, but as an active attempt to inhabit both the body and the space. Navigating from the spine to the public, discovering and following the architecture of the space, using text, body and voice interchangeably; strategies for escapism and strategies for staying and belonging are unraveled, raising questions about how both the body and the ownership of space can be seen as political fields subjected to power.

Note: There will be a limited capacity to see the performance inside of the Habibi exhibition. The performance contains partial nudity.

In collaboration with Medelhavsmuseet. The performance presents a journey in relation to the exhibition Habibi – The Revolutions of Love and  will be followed at 8pm by a DJ-set by Rasuul & the Festival Opening Party. Ticket included in the museum entrance.


Sepideh Khodarahmi is an actor, dancer, choreographer, performer and drag artist, educated at the Theatre Academy in Gothenburg and the Amsterdam School of the Arts. They have worked at, among others, Unga Klara, Stockholm City Theatre, and Uppsala City Theatre and are currently involved with Riksteatern, Dramaten, Konträr in Stockholm, and Kiasma in Helsinki. Their work revolves around the body as an arena for intimacy, sensuality, and desire, as well as a place for renegotiating the notions of “fine and ugly” art — clean or dirty. Khodarahmi employs eroticism to approach these subjects and ultimately expand their meaning.



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my own room

Thursday, 2 May at 19.00

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