Om längtan
Is longing always sad or can there be something wonderful about it? A dance piece with jazzy music from age 4.

Minna Krook’s new work is presented at ZebraDans and it is all about longing. The dancers are moving in a jazzy way to jazz-music and exploring the feelings of longing.

Minna Krook is one of the most well established Swedish choreographers of dance performances for children. Her productions are colorful, vibrant and unpredictable, combining dance, text, visual arts and specially composed music. In a subtle and humoristic manner, the performances point at the small, but vastly important things in life.

From age 4.

Choreography: Minna Krook
Dance: Minna Krook, Peter Lagergren & Melody Sheikh
Stage and Costume design: Moa Möller
Music: Tomas Hirdman
Production: Minna Krook Dans
Image: Oy West



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