The Art of Making Dance
A hypnotic solo performance at Accelerator.

This dance piece by Lithuanian dancer and choreographer Dovydas Strimaitis at art space Accelerator is based on a reduced movement material. Repetitive individual movements gradually change in a subtle process. Formalized, distinct and raw steps are presented as material on a dissecting table. A trance-like, hammering beat by sound designer Gedas Mekšriūnas runs through the performance.

With this work, Strimaitis creates a flow that allows the audience to slow down and enter a state of contemplation.

Concept, choreography and dance: Dovydas Strimaitis
Music: Gedas Mekšriūnas

A performance in collaboration with the Lithuanian cultural attaché in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

Dovydas Strimaitis (b. 1997) is a Lithuanian contemporary dance artist living and working between France and Belgium. At the age of twelve, Strimaitis started training in various dance styles, including line dancing, show dance, and eventually contemporary dance. In 2015, he enrolled in a dance bachelor’s degree program at Codarts (NL). Before obtaining his degree in 2019, he interned with Jitti Chompee at 18 MONKEYS DANCE THEATER (Bangkok, Thailand), and Marina Mascarell at The Gothenburg Opera Dance Company. From 2019 to 2022, Strimaitis was a dancer at The National Ballet of Marseille under the direction of La Horde. Since 2019, Strimaitis has also been teaching workshops and classes on floorwork, both to professional dancers and dance students (in Lithuania, France, Italy, and Switzerland).



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The Art of Making Dance

Tuesday 9 May, 15.00

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