with echoes filling up the orbit, but damaged … (damaged, damaged, damaged)
A performance installation made of rope, fabrics, embroidered speakers, metal carabiners and loops – and two performers.

hacking and crashing
the impact of a body in the space that holds it;
an ongoing rush towards not-knowing, where
the edges and boundaries between things have vanished.
bodies moving bodies moving material moving bodies
moving states moving material moving place:
the high of refusing definition.

Methodically taking down their web, the performers’ choreography makes visible the consistent labor of caring for bodies in flux, their connections, and crumbling infrastructures. In this process, an* and moa submit to their materials and symbiotic collaboration outside the existing categories of meaning, form and identity.

(damaged, damaged, damaged) is split into two parts – or two echoes – opening a material dialogue between an* and moa’s web installation and the architecture of Boxen at ArkDes. With an activated installation viewing on Friday evening (6-8 pm) and the full performance on Saturday afternoon (1-4 pm), this iteration hones in on constructing, deconstructing and accumulating ephemeral affections between bodies, space and material. This is a durational performance, audiences are welcome to come in and out of the space or to watch the full piece.

This is the Swedish premiere.

An*dre Neely & Moa Johansson’s joint practice is rooted in a mutual interest in choreography and sculpting, and the politics/poetics of material and space. Their collaboration is sustained through approaching distance as material, allowing its restrictions to become possibilities that define the work’s form.

Performers: An*dre Neely & Moa Johansson | Producer – Becky Plotnek | Sound Design – Nicol Parkinson | Set Design – Tim Spooner | Sound Technology – Xana | Movement – Florence Peake | Outside Eye – Julia Bardsley | Voice – Valerie Renay | Fabric Printing – Ricardo Matos | Lead Access Consultant – Vijay Patel | Access Consultants – Rick Rogers and Dot Alma

An*dre & Moa have shown different iterations of their current research, with AXISWeb (April 2021), Dirty Debuts (Ballhaus OST, Berlin, Dec 2021), DISRUPT Festival (Cambridge Junction, May 2022), Centre for Live Art Yorkshire (Leeds, Nov 2022), SLUG Gallery (Leipzig, Sep-Oct 2022) and Buzzcut (Glasgow, April 2023).

Moa & An* were recipients of Jerwood Arts’ 1:1 FUND for their collaboration and were shortlisted for Flanders Arts Institute: A Fair New Idea Fund. This work was commissioned by Theatre in the Mill and Cambridge Junction, as part of DISRUPT, with the generous support of the Old Diorama Arts Centre, VSSL London, CLAY Leeds, and the Battersea Arts Centre, with funds from the Arts Council England.



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with echoes filling up the orbit, but damaged … (damaged, damaged, damaged)

Saturday 13th, 1-4 pm (drop-in)

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