With Love
One of Sweden’s most renowned choreographers shares her dance monologues in proximity to the Swedish Parliament in the context of current cultural policy.

Efva Lilja’s danced monologues will be performed in solitude or in interaction with people that happen to be sharing time and space of action. She will simply start dancing when she finds a reason to do so. No music. Just her body and her voice.

Reality is punching the body and mind. Ouch, ouch, ouch! My body sings. It makes a god-awful noise, yet enjoyable at times. Forwards, I move forwards with a body that can be heard and seen in all directions. I dance away everything ugly and envious, my dance is a resistance movement, the poetry of life, the voice of love.

In collaboration with Dansmuseet.


Efva Lilja is an artist, working with choreography in the form of dance, imagery, film, and writing. She challenges and offers new visions for the creation of a reality where political activities and everyday action can be questioned and reformulated, when she tackles the basic human condition with singular suggestive power. Her works have been presented in more than forty countries. Among them commissioned works for the Museum of Modern Art Stockholm, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, and the Guggenheim Bilbao as well as for experimental forums, various stages, and public spaces. She presents exhibitions, lectures, and has published 14 books translated into several languages. Efva Lilja has received a large number of awards, including the Stockholm municipality’s honorary award, the Prix d’ASSITEJ, the St. Erik’s medal and His Majesty the King’s medal Litteris et Artibus. She is a.o. member of the Disorderly Women, the European Cultural Parliament and Honorary member of the International Center for Cultural Relations.

Photo: Chris Gütl

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With Love

Tuesday, 7 May at 16.00

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