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STHLM DANS Third edition is coming!

Welcome to the third edition of STHLM DANS, which will take place in Stockholm, Botkyrka and Haninge from the 2nd to the 12th of May!

We invite you to experience, resist and dance. Together.

In a year marked by funding cuts in culture and the increased precariousness of the independent dance sector, STHLM DANS offers a programme for the many, not for the few. The festival aims at providing a platform for dance artists to engage with new audiences, to sustain the development of our art field and to share the craft of dance within and beyond the theater walls, in public spaces, museums and more.

This year, the emphasis has been put on the dancing body as a protesting body, with several performances demonstrating for dance in public space, inviting the audience to join in, but also by presenting dance styles born out of resistance, such as krump. Transformation is also at the core of the artistic programme, with performances exploring shapeshifting, mutations, and challenging dominant narratives by looking at alternative future scenarios. As usual, STHLM DANS puts a lens on the ‘public’, by offering several performances for free in public space, and by presenting several works exploring the ever-shifting relationship between public and private.

We are proud to present a rich programme for all ages, with performances, workshops, talks, parties and dance films all around Stockholm, Botkyrka and Haninge. Last but not least, we are launching an Audience Club, which will be open to everyone who wants to dive deep in the programme, engage with choreographers, take workshops and meet other curious minds to understand what dance is all about. As part of the Audience Club, you will have access to the entire festival programme (performances, workshops, talks) and to some exclusive lectures.

Thanks to our fabulous team, the artists, the partners and the funders for joining forces and for making this third edition possible. See you in May!

Note: This year’s gorgeous trailer is created and edited by Enya Belak. Soundtrack: Siren Dance by Lillian Steiner. Composition by Marco Cher-Gibard.

Picture: Pop Up by Hooman Sharifi / Cullberg.


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