STHLM DANS in Springback Magazine

‘It seems the curatorial effort at STHLM DANS is to work out the new practices of dance mediation rather than classical presentation, and it requires a relational, and environmental approach. It’s not only about the content of pieces but also the function they may serve outside the professional art bubble.’ ‘STHLM DANS: Curating outside the […]

Watch Bubblegum Paradise films by Amelis Riquelme Nicoletti

For this year’s festival, Stockholm-based choreographer Amelis Riquelme Nicoletti was commissioned to create three dance films together with filmmaker Herman Nygren. Bubblegum Paradise is a surreal, pastel-colored world of dance performances, bold statements and unique embodiment. The films feature amongst other styles Krump and Afro Dance styles that will undoubtedly bring a smile on your […]

Baltic and Nordic Dance Exchange!

To develop and strengthen the exchange between the Swedish and the Baltic dance scenes has been one of the priorities of STHLM DANS since its first edition last year and we aim at keeping the good work in the next years. So how do we do that, and why is this is so important to […]

A Conversation with An*dre Neely and Moa Johansson

an*dre and moa met in London. Each had arrived from different places (an*dre grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and moa in Dalarna, Sweden), and subsequently became firmly embedded in the city’s queer/ live art/ performance art/ club scene. Although they were both part of the same scene, and so often in the same spaces or […]

STHLM DANS trailer

This year’s gorgeous trailer was created by filmmaker Enya Belak. The soundtrack is by Nicol Parkinson, from Moa Johansson and an*dre neely’s with echoes filling up the orbit, but damaged. Enjoy!  

STHLM DANS meets C-Print

Our Co-Founder Marie Proffit got together with Koshik Zaman from C-Print to talk about the festival this year prior to its opening.  ‘The idea of creating a new dance festival in Stockholm was a shared dream with my STHLM DANS co-founders Eva Broberg and Jonas Robin. Eva currently runs European Dancehouse Network, and was previously […]