Advocating for Dance: Talk
Together with some of the festival’s artists, dance professionals and organizations, we will discuss the different ways of protesting and advocating for dance.

This discussion will give space to the sharing of concrete experiences, actions and methods to advocate for the dance sector in Sweden and internationally, bringing in the perspectives of the artists, the producers and the organisations. From public protests to petitions and lobbying, the repertory of action is wide and varied, and independent artists and organisations can sometimes feel a bit lost in how to collectively advocate for our art form towards the audience, funders and politicians. Who are we advocating for, and how?

The event will start with an introduction and a contribution by Efva Lilja, Choreographer (Sweden), and we will welcome input from the following participants:

Amy Fee, General Manager at Danscentrum Sweden
Emelie Johansson, Manager at SITE (Sweden)
Sepideh Khodarahmi, Choreographer (Sweden)
Magnus Nordberg, Founder and CEO, Norberg Movement (Sweden)
Lisa Poska, CEO, Dansalliansen (Sweden)
Marie Proffit, Artistic Director, STHLM DANS (France/Sweden) who will moderate the exchange and present ‘Labour and Movement’ by Linda Blomqvist and Anna Johansson
Lilian Steiner, Choreographer (Australia)
Gabor Varga, Dancer, choreographer, performing arts curator for Festival Antigel (Switzerland)

An open discussion will follow this contribution sharing. This talk is open to all, just sign up using the RSVP button on this page.

The talk is presented before the presentation of  With Love / Efva Lilja by the Swedish parliament.

Talk supported by Big Pulse Dance Alliance.


Photo: Simon Blanck
Performance Replay by Anna Johansson at Mörby Gård Konst.



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Advocating for Dance: Talk

Tuesday, 7 May at 14.30

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