A sensitive self-portrait of a unique artist experiencing raw emotions, aspirations and desires through krump.

I am a warrior. I take risks.

In this work of rare intensity, Nach invites us to explore the light and shadows that flow and weave through us all, bursting through the barriers that confine us. Nach presents her personal version of Krump, a coded and hierarchical dance created in Los Angeles in the 2000’s following racial riots. It is liberated from the past but remains faithful to its roots. Like all Krumpers, she is both herself and her own avatar. In her solo Cellule she escapes her imprisonment, evoking not only the films of David Lynch but the autobiographical works of photographers like Francesca Woodman, Nan Goldin and Antoine d’Agata. 

Swedish Premiere.

Choreography, performance, text and images: Nach
Set design, light and video: Emmanuel Tussore
Technical manager, sound designer: Vincent Hoppe
Set construction: Boris Munger and Jean-Alain Van
Co-produced with: Espace 1789, Scène conventionnée danse – Saint Oue, Maison Daniel Féry – Nanterre, CDCN Atelier de ParIs / Carolyn Carlson – Vincennes, Théâtre de Fresnes
With the support of: La Maison des Métallos – Paris, La Scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire, le CND – Pantin, Le CCN de Roubaix, le CCN de La Rochelle
Thanks to: Heddy Maalem and Marcel Bozonnet
Administration, production, touring : Missions Culture, Marie-Anne Rosset et Sophie Cottet
Photo: Dainius Putinas

In partnership with Riksteatern and Botkyrka Riksteaterförening. The invitation of Nach is supported by the Institut Français de Suède and Konstnärsnämnden.

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Anne-Marie Vann (alias Nach) came across Krump dance by chance at the age of 22, at the Opéra de Lyon, having seen some of the first images of it in the documentary film Rize by David Lachapelle. The street was her first school: here she found a community which gave her her knowledge and the foundations for this urban Gospel dance. Nach’s dance was forged through her encounters with traditional arts, like kathakali (she trained in this at ARTA), butoh and flamenco. She created her first solo Cellule in 2017, followed by Beloved Shadows 2019, Elles disent 2022 and video installation Scène pour récit nu 2023.



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Friday, 10 May at 19.00

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