Krump Workshop
Welcome to a three hour long workshop with Nach (France), a contemporary krump choreographer.

I bring in my physical language so that you can find yours. I offer you a path, you can take it and then change it. Experience krump with the dance codes of krump. Create and share your story. Make the body expression epic.

Krump is an urban dance of protest and a relief: it is an exercise to control your energies, an opportunity to return to oneself to embody a character, and a balance between letting go, controlling and isolating movements.

A highly codified dance, krump invites you to express yourself within a circle and to experiment with various body states. Each movement is inhabited. Thanks to the basis of the dance, we look for the energy in our core and the strength in the ground – stomp – before projecting our gaze to find the others – chest pop – and letting the sharp movements of the body and the hands communicate – arm swing – our message. 

Krump is the expression of an interiority in constant evolution, moved by varied feelings, at times contradictory, sometimes monstrous, and sometimes human.

Open to all backgrounds and ages, limited to 20 people max. The workshop is now sold out, thanks for registering, you will receive instructions.

The participants to the workshop will have the possibility to attend Cellule the following day.


Anne-Marie Vann (alias Nach) came across Krump dance by chance at the age of 22, at the Opéra de Lyon, having seen some of the first images of it in the documentary film Rize by David Lachapelle. The street was her first school: here she found a community which gave her her knowledge and the foundations for this urban Gospel dance. She is influenced by traditional arts like kathakali (she trained in this at ARTA), butoh and flamenco. She created her first solo Cellule in 2017, followed by Beloved Shadows 2019, Elles disent 2022 and video installation Scène pour récit nu 2023.

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Krump Workshop

Thursday, 9 May at 15:00

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