A choreography that digs into the assholeness of humanity at the intersection of ecology, animality and masculinity. Presented by Dansens Hus.

The fear that the human race might not survive has been replaced by the fear that it will endure.*

In an attempt to imagine a different world, Chest searches for a common ground from which new figures can emerge. Creating hybrids that are not cars, but living beings simultaneously moving and being moved, embodying the myriad properties of protagonists, landscape, and atmosphere. Chest folds practices around seeming binaries such as hard and soft, flaccid and erect, hairy and bald, into contradictory landscapes, switching between atmosphere and personhood in trying out ways of being nature to each other. In Chest, Stina Nyberg continues to explore new musical horizons, this time collaborating with composer Kaki King, based in New York. King is considered one of the world’s greatest living guitarists, known both for her technical mastery and for her constant quest to push the boundaries of the instrument.

Chest is developed in deep collaboration with dancers Robert Malmborg, Pontus Pettersson and Stephen Thompson as well as the rest of the artistic team Andros Zins-Browne, Kaki King, Jenny Nordberg and Thabiso Kubheka Persson in a joint endeavour to stay with the trouble and the joy.  The work is the third part of Nyberg’s investigation of the assholeness of (hu)mankind, as previously developed in The Dawn Chorus (Norrdans 2022) and Sweet (MDT 2022). Chest premieres at Dansens Hus Elverket.

*Middle C, William H.Gass

Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Dance: Robert Malmborg, Stina Nyberg, Pontus Pettersson, Stephen Thompson
Music: Kaki King
Dramaturgy: Andros Zins-Browne
Set, hair, make-up and costume design: Jenny Nordberg
Light design: Thabiso Kubheka Persson
Production: Terry Johnson (Johnson & Bergsmark), Magnus Nordberg (Nordberg Movement)
Administration: Artist cooperative Interim kultur
Photo: Jens Strandberg

With support from Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm stad and Region Stockholm, residency with The Chocolate Factory Theater and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (USA).


Stina Nyberg is a dancer and choreographer living in Stockholm. Her work is based on the political and social history of the body from a feminist perspective. She is interested in undervalued knowledge, magical practices and the language of power. Stina’s artistic processes often start from a specific person or phenomenon as a node. This leads to a long period of research into the political aberrations surrounding the theme and she creates chains of artistic works in different formats based on the same artistic process. These can be live performances, city walks, lectures, concerts, texts or other formats.

She is part of the feminist collective Samlingen (Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch) who choreograph site-specific interventions with a critical view of dance history. Since 2013, she has been collaborating with Sofia Wiberg, researcher in Urban Studies, in a series of artistic investigations of collective knowledge processes. Since 2024 she is a part of Rose Choreographic School.

In recent years, she has immersed herself in a perspective on the current ecological catastrophe through a series of speculations on the possibility of an earth freed from the human species.

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Wednesday 8 May at 19.00

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