Coming Home
A choreographed audio walk inspired by the feminist classic ‘A Room of Ones Own’ by Virginia Woolf.

The literary feminist classic A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf is the starting point for
this exploration of the Södermalm park Vitabergsparken.

This is an invitation to test ideas involving the senses, space and artistic tools together with a
set designer, light and sound designers and stage artists to create a combined audiowalk,
performance and meditation.

Just like Woolfs narrator you and the other participants will walk through different rooms in
the park, guided by your phone and the place itself. This dreamlike journey explores the
strange sensation of feeling at home at a place you’ve never visited before, playing the
children’s game of fishing pond and being on the lookout for signs in the wind.

Please bring a smartphone and headphones and your own blanket or something to sit on.

Location: Vitabergsparken, exact spot to be found on your ticket.



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