How Do We Talk About Dance?
"Don't try to understand dance –  just feel it". But what about the people that actually want to understand?

For many people, contemporary dance is quite an abstract art form that is easily experienced, but not necessarily as easy to read and talk about. The lingo of the professionals and the audience often differ a lot, and texts that widen the knowledge of the art form are not usually accessible in mainstream media. Several institutions in Sweden have been claiming: Don’t try to understand dance –  just feel it. But what about the people that actually want to understand? How do we, as professionals, bridge this gap and make our art form accessible? What are the platforms, formats and infrastructures needed for building a deepened understanding of and around contemporary dance? How can the dance field change how we work with knowledge production? 

This panel assembles viewpoints of dance artists, a critic, a curator/producer with Swedish, Nordic and international experts to discuss these problems and possible solutions for the future. 

Virve Sutinen (Finland), previous Artistic Director of Dansens Hus and Tanz Im August
Maria Naidu (Sweden), Choreographer
Dovydas Strimaitis (Lithuania), Choreographer
Anna Kozonina (Finland/Russia), Dance Critic and Curator
Moderated by Björn Säfsten (Sweden), Choreographer

Organized in partnership with Dansens Hus and Scenkonstmuseet as part of STHLM DANS. The invitation of Anna Kozonina is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Presented in collaboration with Big Pulse Dance Alliance, a project funded by Creative Europe.

Before the panel discussion you can listen to Practicing Side by Side at 16.00.



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How do we talk about dance?

Monday 8th, 6 pm to 7.30 pm

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