ASMR, exorcism and the occult in Halla Ólafsdóttir's dance piece with Cullberg.

In her first work for Cullberg, choreographer Halla Ólafsdóttir starts out from the mythological creature the sylph, an ethereal being with the power to shape-shift. Rougher, rawer and louder than humans, the sylphs have a voice and a giant body. They walk in and out of the ballet’s mysterious forest, dancing, whispering, rustling, knocking and chewing, like creatures or animals.

A ”love-hate-relationship” with classical ballet, and a mix of ”high and low culture” are in focus in Ólafsdóttir’s new work Sylph created in collaboration with composer Shida Shahabi, set and lighting designer Chrisander Brun, and costume designer Hanna Kisch.

World premiere at Dansens Hus/Elverket followed by a party in the foyer of Elverket! DJ:s SLICE ME NICE. Expect synth, italo disco and a serious 80’s touch!

Choreography: Halla Ólafsdóttir
Dancers: Anna Fitoussi, Cecilia Wretemark-Hauck, Eleanor Campbell, Eliott Marmouset, Heather Birley, Johanna Tengan, Katie Jacobson, Mohamed Y. Shika, Noam Segal, Unn Faleide, Vincent Van der Plas
Music: Shida Shahabi
Set and Lighting Design: Chrisander Brun
Costume Design: Hanna Kisch
Performance photos: Märta Tisner
Photo artwork: Nina Andersson
Art Director: Martin Falck

Halla Ólafsdóttir is a dancer and choreographer with an MA in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts (formerly DOCH). She always works collectively in various constellations that look for ways of expanding the notion of choreography. Much of her work revolves around recognizable material from art and pop culture, where she explores what happens when set in another context. She often uses conventions and clichées, trying to find working methods that break and erase those. For Halla, the meeting between the artist and the audience outside the stage is crucial. Through her artistic work, she has focused on building structures to provide feedback, both among artists and between the audience and the practitioners.



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Thursday 4 May, at 19.00

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