A dance work about addiction in an urban environment, where the audience can be surprisingly close or watch from a distance.

Theo is a vignette within the story of an introvert who, over time, observes himself slipping further into his addictions, into people, into attention; and here we find a paradox. The more tightly he is bound to these dependencies, the more free he becomes. The question is thus whether this freedom of expression is genuine, or whether it is derived from the need to be increasingly more attached to one’s surroundings to feel safe.

The work Theo was created to be performed in public places, often a bus stop. The audience sees it from two locations; from the bus stop where the work is performed, and which quickly becomes a cramped and intimate place, or at a distance. The stop adds layers of movement and as buses and trams pass and temporarily block the view, and the unaware passengers are introduced or disappear in or out of the scene.

With support from Lithuanian Dance Information Centre.

In collaboration with the Lithuanian cultural attaché in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, with the support from the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

Idea and performance: Lukas Karvelis

Music: Eric Magnée



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8 May, 2022 at 13.00 & 15.30

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