Workshop: Skumitate
A unique opportunity to experience Takuya Fujisawa’s creative dance process.

This workshop invites participants to enter the creative process and the movement material of Takuya Fujisawa in relation to his piece Skumitate presented on the following day at Östasiatiska museet. How do you weave relationships with others in dance improvisation? How to connect ideas from daily life to creation? Takuya will invite you to expand the possibilities of the body, to experience the creative process physically and to broaden your perspective on other art forms.
All abilities, backgrounds, and ages (from 13) are welcome!

Takuya Fujisawa is a contemporary movement artist born in Kumamoto City in Japan and has been based in Göteborg, Sweden, since 2015. During 2008–2014, he worked with the Japanese dance company Noism at the RYUTOPIA City Performing Arts Center in Niigata. After working with The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt, he came to Sweden in the fall of 2015 and the GöteborgsOperans danskompani, where he participated in several original productions by choreographers such as Marina Mascarell, Marcos Morau and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In addition, Takuya has participated in several productions by Örjan Andersson, including at Folkteatern in Gothenburg.

The workshop participants will receive a discount for the performance.



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Lördag 6 maj, 11.00

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