dancing archive
Performance and talk at Scenkonstmuseet.

A joining of fragments, shards and traces forms a constellation where something new can emerge. The dancing body, present here and now, is at the intersection of surrounding and traversing impulses, interacting with these bodies of the archive. Projections of archival material and of Palmgren’s dancing interact in a playful game with different layers of time and media. Her contemporary folk dance is contrasted with older styles, intertwining dancing “voices” from other times. Sounding material from the archive is interpreted through dance. The white noise, buzz and crackle of the recording media are processed into compositions that emphasize the dance space.

The performance was created on behalf of the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, based on the collections of folk dance.

Lina Palmgren
Choreography and dance
Research in the archive and selection of moving images, music, sound and text

Alexandra Nilsson
Sound design and composition

Ronald Salas
Lighting design and technics

Lina Palmgren (born in 1980 in Delsbo, Hälsingland) works as a choreographer, dancer and educator. She is educated in folk dance at, among others, Danshögskolan (–2006), Malungs Folkhögskola and NTNU, Trondheim, with the dancer and pedagogue Ami Dregelid as her primary role model and teacher. She is also a butoh dancer with the artist name KAI-EN, after several years of study for the butoh artist and choreographer SU-EN (2005–2010), and leads KAI-EN Butoh Company.

A conversation about the possibilities and challenges of the dance archive
Friday 12th at 20 pm
Duration: 1 hour
Language: Swedish

Based on tonight’s performance and Lina Palmgren’s work, a conversation follows about what it means to bring archival material to life, how dancing knowledge is passed from body to body, in this case via archives, and how different archival practices can look when it comes to dancing. Participants are Lina Palmgren (Dancer and choreographer), Anna Björk (Research Archivist at the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) and Dan Lundberg (Director at Swedish Performing Arts Agency). Moderator: Lars Annesten (Head of Exhibitions, Swedish Museum of Performing Arts).




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Friday 12, 7 pm, followed by a mingle and talk.

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