Collective rush in a joint gym session.

Gympa [jym`pa] is a Swedish form of group aerobic training.

Medelgympa is your all-around fitness and art experience. We exercise to very traditional gympa music, and it can get sweaty if you want it to. Bring your metaphorical machete out. Touch down to the sound of creaking wood. Allow your body to turn into a marshmallow in a cup of hot cocoa. Medelgympa is the kind of gympa that encourages laziness. It’s gympa deluxe.

Medelgympa is both a performing arts event and a session of gympa. Wear clothing and shoes that you will be comfortable moving in. Medelgympa is suitable for people 13 and older, and is performed in Swedish and English.

Medelgympa is the result of an exploration of gympa as a bodily practice and social phenomenon. We are particularly interested in the kind of community that can take shape during a session of gympa. The collective rush. The gratitude. All the different bodies, ages, and tempos, sweating together to the sound of thumping bass and energizing instructions.

Medelgympa is our tribute to gympa, because we love it.

Midsommargården is located at subway station Telefonplan.

Production: Johanssons pelargoner och dans
In collaboration with Dansistan/Cirkusistan
Concept, script and choreography: Anna Haglund, Annica Styrke, Ellen Söderhult & Karin Wiklund
Sound design: Anna Haglund
Set and costume design: Tove Dreiman
Performer: Ellen Söderhult
With support from: the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, Norrlandsoperan/Dans i Västerbotten, Skellefteå Municipality, Sala Municipality, Gula villan, Danscentrum Stockholm and Huddinge Municipality



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Sunday, May 14, 13.00

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