Sustainable Dance Exchange in the Nordic-Baltic region
Professionals share their viewpoints on challenges and opportunities.

We invite dance professionals, artists and funders to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable dance exchange in the Nordic and Baltic regions. With the current public funding cuts and the ever-worsening climate crisis, the question of sustainable and slow touring has become increasingly crucial. Yet we see little cross-national touring happening at a regional level in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

STHLM DANS has developed a partnership with the Lithuanian Info Dance Centre to exchange and program set dance artists in an effort to promote our respective scenes. One of the long-term ambitions of the festival is to promote sustainable and slow touring in Sweden and the region, yet this is easier said than done.

This relaxed fika style exchange will invite some professionals to share their viewpoints on the situation; the challenges met and the strategies to overcome them, and touring opportunities to explore.

With input by: Dovydas Strimaitis (Choreographer), Virve Sutinen (previous Artistic Director Tanz Im August), Anna Efraimsson (MDT), Magnus Nordberg (Nordberg Movement), Malin Lundstedt (Dansnät Sverige), Anna Adeniji (Adenji Consulting & Education and Inclusion Academy) and Eva Broberg (European Dancehouse Network, STHLM DANS). Moderated by Marie Proffit (STHLM DANS).

The exchange will be followed by The Art of Making Dance by Dovydas Strimaitis at Accelerator. A performance in collaboration with the Lithuanian cultural attaché in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute. Presented in collaboration with Big Pulse Dance Alliance, a project funded by Creative Europe.

After the talk the performance The Art of Making Dance takes place at 15.00.

Accelerator is located at Frescativägen 26A, subway station Universitetet.

Photo: ‘Theo’ by Lukas Karvelis, presented as part of STHLM DANS 2022. Credit: Donatas Ališauskas.



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Sustainable Dance Exchange in the Nordic-Baltic region

Tuesday 9th May, 13.30

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