WOODS is a desire to create roots in the city and to turn our bodies upside down.

WOODS is a desire to create roots in the city. The performance pursues the idea of impermanence and instability of the body, nature, climate and collective practices. With the collaboration of volunteer participants, who will stand together upside down, the body inverts space and questions time. For how long will the body stand? For how long will the forest stand?

The duration of this collaborative performance will vary according to the ability of each participant to endure the head standing. Eventually, and at different times, each body-tree falls to the ground, one by one, where they remain until the last performer falls. The concepts of empathy and solidarity lead the dramaturgy: no one leaves until the last one resists, we don’t leave anyone behind, we support each other.

WOODS is an artistic call for environmental awareness. A research from the Brazilian artist Clarice Lima together with Catarina Saraiva (Portugal), Nina Fajdiga (Slovenia) and Aline Bonamin (Brazil) that brings together dance, live performance and visual arts to create unique and powerful landscapes in the cities.

They have created a piece for contemplation, where the public can be called to a place, but also wants to take the audience by surprise – people who pass by and who risk stopping for a moment and looking at the forest.

Do you want to take part? Find out how you can join the piece here.

WOODS is presented in collaboration with Big Pulse Dance Alliance as part of Perform Europe, a project funded by Creative Europe.

The project was initiated in Brazil in 2009.



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May 13, 2022 at 13.00 & 15.00

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